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Blackbeard Pirate Geocoin - AS & Glow LB

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Avast ye, Mateys! Set right back an' I'll tell ye a tale that'll make yer blood run chill, an' 'tis true as th' ocean's blue.

Off th' coast o' North Carolina, 'tis said an unearthly, glowing light be seen some nights, circling round an' round, just beneath th' waves, in a cove named Teach's Hole. An' when th' wind blows inland just as dark settles in, a lonely voice can be heard t' moan, "Where's me head?!  I nay be able to spot it! A chest o' eights to th' scallywag who'd fetch it fer me!  Do ye hear me, lads?  Find me rollin' head!"

What is th' light an' whose is th' voice that cries in th' night, ye ask? Listen keen an' I'll tell ye.  Th' light be th' damned soul an' voice o' none other than th' Atlantic's most nefarious seadog, Cap'n Edward Teach, known in life an' legend as Blackbeard th' Pirate!

Now, th' braids o' Blackbeard's beard were black as tar an' so long they reached his waist.   A scourge o' th' seven seas, was he!   Sometimes he'd hold up a mug o' rum, topped off wit' gunpowder,  light it afire, an' drink it, flames an' all!  Aye!  Th' devil incarnate was Edward Teach!   Striking in th' dim light o' dawn or dusk when his pirate ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge, was hardest t' be seen, he terrorized th' seas from th' Bahamas to Charleston, sparin' only those who surrendered  their bounty willingly,  an' slaughtering without mercy those who did nay.

His black life came to a grisly end when he was finally trapped in his favorite hideaway, Teach’s Cove, off Ocracoke Island.  Captured after a bloody battle with th' Royal Navy, Blackbeard was beheaded an' his disembodied corpse thrown in th' water.  Witnesses say th' body swam around th' ship three times before it sank, an' Blackbeard's voice was clearly heard, crying for his head, which was hung from th' bows mast for all to see an' as a grim deterrent to others who might think him a romantic figure an' wish to follow in his boot steps.

The wicked Blackbeard comes alive once again on this amazing geocoin, "Blackbeard and The Queen Anne's Revenge." Brought to you by OakCoins, BrewerArts, and Railroader921.

Size: 2" (50mm) x 3.5mm

This Geocoin is trackable at Geocaching.com with its own unique icon.

Blackbeard Pirate Geocoin - AS & Glow LB

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